Is your workplace vibrant, happy and filled with people who enthusiastically put forward ideas 

that enhance the environment and performance?

Do people come to work buzzing because they are fulfilling their personal dreams outside of work?

Is everybody on the same page when it comes to group or organisational projects and goals?

If not, why not?

When people are valued and supported  in an environment that encourages brainstorming and initiative, magic happens! 

The workplace springs to life and becomes open & positive and creativity flourishes. 

Resentment and competitive behaviour dissolve and appreciation and collaboration spring into action.

People actually want to come to work!

They take fewer sickies, turnover reduces, performance increases, and there are less OH&S issues. 

People are on their game!

Additionally,  when people are fulfilled outside of work, they are energised more often and for longer periods. 

It makes sense to support staff to Get Off The Bench in their personal lives as well as in the workplace.

Successful businesses are nurturing their greatest asset.

Is your workplace ready to Get Off The Bench?

We offer workshops for businesses and organisations, focused on one or more of the following:

• Employees kickstarting their own personal ideas that would sit outside of the workplace. This is based on the premise that when people are happy, feel fulfilled and have a greater sense of purpose, they are more productive, energetic, positive, and collaborative, hence greatly benefiting the workplace. 

• Employees having ideas for the workplace that they believe would have a positive impact on any aspect of the business, but have not yet found the confidence to share or develop their idea, or to attempt implementation.

• When an initiative has already been implemented in the workplace but there is a lack of cohesion. The workshop helps to find common ground and a collective focus.

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