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Kerryn Vaughan

Kerryn Vaughan


Hi there, I’m Kerryn Vaughan, international speaker and author, singer/songwriter, mentor, podcast host 

and Get Off The Bench workshop facilitator. 

I founded Not for Profit, One Planet Classrooms in 2015 which supports schools and communities in Africa with projects such as clean water solutions, sustainability projects, women’s empowerment and adult education programs, feminine hygiene solutions, as well as coordinating a sponsorship program that provides education for over 180 children. 

I’m also the co-founder of Girls With Hammers which hosts conferences and workshops aimed at empowering women. We feel it’s critical to empower women as there is a massive gap in equality that needs to be closed, and because it has been proven over and over again that if women are empowered, the world’s economy will flourish. So ultimately that’s a no-brainer!

In 2014, I wrote the book ‘Magnificent Kids’ which showcases 23 superheroes who started world changing projects before the age of 18. Some were as young as 7! In a strange but wonderful turn of events, it was this book that set One Planet Classrooms into motion. Something I never expected!

More recently I wrote the book ‘Get Off The Bench’ which is about getting your project or idea out of your head, on to paper and into action. Why? Because I work with so many people who have brilliant ideas but just don’t know where to start. As an extension of this I facilitate Get Off The Bench workshops, where we really unpack your desires and dreams and bring them to life. 

EVERY workshop sees the birth of some incredible projects. 

But who am I underneath all the hoo-hah? 

Just an ordinary person who is extremely passionate about equality, animal rights and a kinder world. 

I want a peaceful planet and believe the best way to achieve that is by individuals living their best life, 

as this offers a ‘feel good’ ripple effect.

So let’s get started!


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